Last week I was interviewed by Victoria Park Baptist Church in Bristol about my song Where Are You God? This was used as part of their online church service and helped to inspire their prayers for the coming week. They asked me some deep, soul searching questions such as “do you think any good can come out the pandemic?” and we explored my reasons for being so honest with how I felt about the current global crisis. You can see the interview below.

Last week Pharrell Williams was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey about his hit song “Happy”. She showed him a video montage of people around the world dancing to his song and enjoying the music he had created. The result was that Pharrell burst into tears! In a moment of encouragement Oprah said to him “It’s being used for something that’s greater than yourself…”

During the making of my Sirens and Other Mysteries EP there were a lot of personal setbacks and heartbreak that seemed to get in the way of writing and recording the project. I wrote the song If That’s The Way after I had a miscarriage, it wasn’t an easy song to write and I certainly didn’t think that I would ever be able to sing it in public. In fact, during rehearsals for the recording I sobbed everything time I went to open my mouth. I’d never had this situation with a song before and it worried me; could I actually be that honest with people and let them see my grief in public? Quite frankly I didn’t want to cry on stage in front of a lot of people!

As a consequence of this, I toyed with the idea of taking the song off the CD and right up to the last minute I still hadn’t committed to letting the song go public. Whenever I thought about emailing the producer to say “delete it!” I couldn’t quite do it, something was stopping me. What I didn’t know at the time was that it had the same potential to be used “for something greater than myself”; I just had to move out of the way so that other people could benefit from this. Since I released the song, and the video about it I’ve had an amazing and overwhelming reaction from people: something that I didn’t expect! So even though being honest about where I’m at is scary it was worth it in the end.