Collaborating with a Grammy Award winning songwriter…

Youtube ArtGuess who’s collaborated with a Grammy Award winning songwriter? 

Well, it could be…ME!

Earlier in the year, I was on a high from the Union Chapel Chants for Socialists gig; I wondered how I would top that experience when it took place so earlier on in the year. However, in November last year I was invited to take part in a very special project…

On 9th April Grammy Award winning songwriter and composer, Laura Sullivan released her long awaited 900 Voices project. Laura asked singers from around the world to help her create a unique song called We Are Love and I was lucky enough to be one of the collaborators on this project! As this is such an unusual project, I couldn’t wait to get involved!

You can see me in the video at 4 minutes and 34 seconds.

There’s currently a campaign to get the video on the Ellen DeGeneres Show; if this happens, it will be amazing! Although the likelihood of getting 938 singers into a TV studio is quite small! You can learn more about the 900 Voices project here. So sit back, listen and enjoy 938 singers from around the world.



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