We did it! We totally smashed the Kickstarter target! I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has pledged over the last 60 days! You’ve made my day! I’ve had an overwhelming response to the new EP and will be sending out lots of orders in the few weeks, so hold tight for your order – it’s on the way! I’m still gathering pledges by cheque and cash so will inform you all of the final target soon.

As I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant, we’re going to film the video next year. This is partly because a) I don’t want to be massive in the videos! and b) it gives us time to work on the concepts, scripts and find locations etc. I will keep you all posted of our progress and once the video is ready I will post it everywhere for you all to see.

Once again THANK YOU and enjoy your CDs!

Helen xImage

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